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Pig Farm Sow Care Solution
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Pig Farm Sow Care Solution

Pig Farm Sow Care Solution

Development background

High number of sows to care for per worker

High level of worker's fatigue due to long delivery(farrowing) time (24 hours)

The rate of stillborn piglets higher than in developed countries

Project details

Detects sow entering pigsty, farrowing, standing and stillbirth, recognizes patterns of the status board, controls indicator and transmits detected information to the center.

Development purpose

  • 1. To increase farm yields
      - Alarm goes off when piglets are born, and immediate protection after birth is possible.
      - Protecting the piglets increases farm profits
  • 2. To improve working conditions for farm workers
      - Worker’s fatigue from waiting for long delivery times can be reduced
  • 3. To improve farm management
     - Loss caused by operator's negligence can be reduced
     - Farm size can be expanded by increasing profits and improving working conditions

Detection Scenario

Detection Scenario

Product Configuration

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