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Robot interworking solution
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Robot interworking solution

Robot interworking solution

Development background
Industrial site

An alternative for tasks that need constant inspections by human is required

Inspections on CCTV blind spots are required

Management inspection for facility that is difficult for on-site workers to access is required

Detecting accidents that may occur on-site and situations that require alerting of field workers

Farm site

An alternative for tasks that need constant human inspection is required

It is necessary to protect field workers from pesticides and pests

Crops must be protected by discovering pests early

Project details

Collecting and analyzing information on CCTV blind spots or tasks that require repetitive inspection of workers using automation system, and transmitting the information to the surveillance center

Use in the field of the robot interlocking industry

Gas 검사
Gas inspection

It is possible to detect gas leaks that may occur in hazardous facilities with gas detection sensors

케이지 확인
Cage check

Information (pressure, temperature, etc.) of numerous cages used in the field can be checked while patrolling

If difficult to access at close range, cage information can be checked with PTZ

Facility temperature inspection
Facility temperature inspection

Abnormal temperature can be checked with thermal imaging camera on the SPOT

(operating temperature of the thermal camera needs to be checked)

크랙/파공 감시
Crack/break monitoring

Detects smoke and steam that may be caused by cracks or breaks