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Employee Benefits and Welfare

  • 시차출퇴근제

    Flexible hours

    Meals provided: lunch, dinner (when working overtime)

    Snacks and beverages provided in the office

  • 직무발명 보상

    Compensation for duty invention

    Club activities supported

    Self-development expenses supported

    Employee rewards for long service and excellence

  • 생일 축하 상품권 지급

    Birthday gift voucher

    Family day: shortened business hours (- 16:00) on second Friday of each month

    Shortened business hours (10:00 - 17:00) for Mother’s day

    Cake gift for Christmas

    Expense support for various family events

    Medical check-ups for employees and spouses provided

    Supports recreational facilities/vacation expenses

Recruitment Process


Screening - Contact - 1st interview - 2nd executive interview - Employed

How to apply

Applicants whose applications have passed screening will be contacted.

Please submit your application with resume (no specific format, focusing on academic background, career experiences and skills) and portfolio (no specific format, focusing on tasks, projects or papers) via e-mail to

Employment may be revoked if there are false facts in the application.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us via e-mail (

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